Custom classes for each client

Language Courses


Hippo Business offers high-quality basic-to-advanced-level courses in English, Spanish, French, and Portuguese, which are specially designed to meet the goals and needs of our students. Before the course starts, we schedule an interview between the student and the staff to get to know the student’s profile and establish the characteristics of the course to be given. This interview is free of charge.


Our teachers are native or have equivalent proficiency in the language they teach, and have extensive teaching experience.

Hippo Business has adopted the communicative method, which emphasizes the functional use of the language in real-life situations. Grammar and vocabulary are presented in context, and students are encouraged to use the language’s forms and functions in practical situations.

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For those who intend to study or work using a foreign language, certification is a decisive factor for an international career. These days, international certifications are often required by large national and international companies and at the best educational institutions.

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Our most flexible solution!

Your company chooses the content, structure, class size, and start dates. You can also cancel 6 or more business hours in advance so that your employee will be entitled to a make-up lesson.

We develop all the lesson material, 100% personalized for your business, to meet your company’s needs.

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